Eastern N.C. teachers engage in STEM pilot program

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) -- Teachers from across eastern North Carolina were able to experience hand-on training Friday through a program put on by STEM East

The project helps students develop skills that will lead to employment.

On Friday, teachers swapped spots with their students to learn and experiment with new material.

"I love science," said Sheri Hale,a  fifth grade science and math teacher in Pamlico County. "We're learning too and most us like to learn with hands on."

It's one of two days set aside for teachers around eastern North Carolina to come together and experiment with science kits put on by STEM. East.

"It's a pilot to find out if this is something they really want to bring back to their classroom," said Bruce Middleton, executive director for STEM. East. "Just being the teacher and telling, but letting students actually investigate."

STEM. stands for science, technology, engineering and math, and it's a vital skill set for classrooms to begin teaching at a young age.

"STEM is important because we know that the emerging job market," said Middleton. "We know that most of those jobs will be focused on STEM skills."

"Pitt County schools wants to meet the needs of the industries," said Fritz Robinett, Pitt County Schools' elementary and middle school district specialist for the science curriculum. "And the businesses around the county and keep all of our talent here in the East."

The way to get kids engaged is with hands-on activities, which the teachers seemed to enjoy today too.

"To see them get excited instead of just reading out of a book," said Hale. "Instead of just writing down random things that they are not making connections with."

So as the world is said to become more STEM-driven, teachers in our areas are giving kids K-8 a leg up to eventually graduate and pursue their goals in the field.


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