Senate's version of proposed budget adds sales tax to certain services

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- The Senate's version of the upcoming fiscal year's budget is adding sales tax to various services including advertising, auto repairs, and veterinary services. The sales tax for the services would be at a rate of 4.75 percent.

Dr. Anne Eldridge said, "our worry is that it will reduce the amount of care people will be able to give to their animals."

If animals are not cared for, that could put humans in danger as well.

"If we have pets that have parasites some of those parasites are contagious to people and so if we have animals that are having problems that aren't being cared for potentially their owners could get ill as well," Eldridge said.

Non profits could take a hit as well. The proposed budget reduces the amount of sales tax refunds non profits can get. The Salvation Army serves around 150 boxes of food a month and cannot afford to lose money.

Robert Frye from the Salvation Army said, "every person that we can help is a person that the government doesn't have to help."

The budget was supposed to pass last week, but the Senate and House couldn't agree. A conference committee must now come up with a compromise. As of right now the General Assembly has until August 14th to agree on a budget, which is subject to change.

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