Tank battalions battle it out for 14th annual Tiger Competition

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WNCT)--The best of the tank battalions in the Marine Corps competed against each other in a show of accuracy and speed aboard Camp Lejeune.

"Today is the 14th annual Tiger Competition, which is a tank competition between the three tank battalions in the Marine Corps," Lt. Col. Lance Langfeldt, commanding officer 2nd Tank Battalion, said.

1st Tank Battalion from Twentynine Palms, California, 2nd Tank Battalion aboard Camp Lejeune, and 4th Tank Battalion from Camp Pendleton used the M1A1 Abrams to attack targets as much as 3800 kilometers away.

The events are a time to test training as well as friendly competition.

"We're definitely very competitive but it's friendly competition," Sgt. Romny Grimaldi, 2nd Tank Battalion said. "The tank community in the Marine Corps is extremely small so we all basically know each other at some point in time."

"In order to be the best tank battalion in the Marine Corps it takes all four members of the crew operating effectively, understanding their jobs, executing the fire commands as given by the tank commander and working in unison," Lt. Col. Langfeldt said.

1st Tank Battalion won today's event.

The crew will advance to the Sullivan Cup where it will compete against the best army tank battalion to determine the best in the nation's military.

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