Unpaved roads remain an issue in Washington

Washington, N.C. (WNCT)- Unpaved roads continue to be an issue, leaving residents searching for answers.

"I've been at every council meeting pushing the issue because we need a solution," said Ravonda Ore, a subdivision resident.

Ravonda Ore is just one resident in Washington living on an unpaved road. According to city documents, there is 15 streets in the city with the same issue. Sarah Keys Way was added to the city back in 2010. City council and the Reverand David Moore, the subdivision developer, have been in a dispute over the area, claiming Moore owes the city $238,000 for failure to meet certain requirements related to the subdivision. That issue is putting the city's' work to pave the road on hold.

Residents who live along Sarah Keys Way are getting impatient waiting for the road to be taken care of. They say the road conditions are still getting worse over the years, especially with all of the rain and snow that's been falling.

"Our kids have to walk down this dirt road," said Ore, "They just added sand so that's the only reason it isn't as bad as its been but as soon as the rain keep coming it gets worse."

'I worked really hard to get this house and I want it looking a particular way," added Ore, "that does not count on riding down a muddy road to get home every day."

Ore says it's not her or her neighbors' responsibility to collect the money for the council and she will continue to push the issue until its resolved.

"At the end of the day after the meeting, the city goes to their house on a nice clean paved road and Reverand Moore goes to his house on a nice clean paved road and we're in between," said Ore, "so something needs to happen for us."

Ore plans to attend the City Council meeting tonight to push the issue again.

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