What Do Those Words Mean?

Ever heard a weird weather term come out of a meteorologist's mouth and thought to yourself, "What does that even mean?" While there are many weather words that sound made up, here are a few along with a short definition.

Derecho - To be considered a derecho, a storm has to be a long-lived, straight line wind damaging event that stretches at least 240 miles with winds a least 58 mph.


Haboob - a very intense dust storm wall that is associated with the gusts of a severe thunderstorm. Wind speeds in excess of 40 mph dropping visibility to nothing.

Credit: youtube

Petrichor - I personally will never use this word, but this is that scent or smell that is followed by a storm.

Mammatus Clouds - These clouds are examples of clouds in sinking air.  They look almost like pouches. These clouds are normally associated with severe weather


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