Will he or won't he? Speculation surrounds Vice President Biden

By Mark Meredith, National Correspondent - WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) - It's the question everyone in Washington D.C. is asking: Will Vice President Joe Biden jump into the 2016 race. On Monday, a member of Congress decided to take to Twitter to announce to the world what he believes will happen next.

In a tweet, Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) said "I have a very good source close to Joe that tells me VP Biden will run for Prez."

The tweet further fueled speculation Mr. Biden will jump into a presidential contest which has for months declared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the eventual Democratic nominee. In an online poll released Friday, after the first democratic Debate, Biden trailed front runners Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Many political experts have publically speculated Mr. Biden would decide his intentions ahead of Hillary Clinton's testimony before a committee investigating the 2012 attack at a U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

A group called "Draft Joe Biden" has launched several ads online and on television appealing to Biden supporters to encourage the 72 year old to run. Most state Democratic party's require presidential candidates to file in the next several weeks in order to appear on their ballots.

Stay tuned to @markpmeredith for the latest on the race for the White House.

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