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Blog featuring 5 things parents shouldn't say to non-parents goes viral

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A blog written by John Kinnear, featuring 5 things parents should stop saying to non-parents, is getting a lot of likes, shares and retweets online.

The blog caught the attention of 9 On Your Side when we saw several of our friends talking about it online.
Number 1:  Dogs are not kids.
Parents have a tendency, and you know this, to constantly talk about their kids. And you should, they're wonderful and what your life is all about.
But if a dog owner joins that conversation by talking about their dog, they're just trying to relate and connect and participate.
They have to pick up poo too.
Throw 'em a bone and toss one in for the dog.

Number 2:  You think you're (fill in the blank)?!  Try having kids.
Ok, it's not a competition.

When you say that, it makes us feel inferior, like we don't matter.
So you're wiped out because your child won't let you sleep. We may not be that tired, but not having a child doesn't make us less exhausted.
Say something supportive.
Needing to hammer home that "my pain is more painful than your pain" doesn't place you in a flattering light.

Number 3:  "Don't worry.  When you have kids you'll…"
What? Be happy?
That comment assumes everyone is going to have kids. Some people don't want them, by circumstance, can't have them.
Indicating having kids is the only way to reach a higher level of understanding is not only inconsiderate, it's rude. And makes you sound like my mama.

Number 4:  "Is the party kid friendly?"
Unless you and your non-parent friend have an understanding, that the little ones are always welcomed, assume the party is not kid friendly.

If it was kid-friendly, we likely would've invited you and your kids and mentioned our awesome play room filled with block, books, and Barbies.
By asking that question, you're putting your "non-kid-having-friend" in an awkward spot.
They either have to make the party kid-friendly or tell you it's not, which puts you in the weird spot of declining the invitation.
Just don't go there.

And finally number 5, and perhaps the worst:  
"My life didn't have meaning before I had kids."
Thank you for pointing out my existence is pathetic.
I mean, non-parents get it. Kids add a whole new dimension and make you and your family so happy.
They make me happy too, when I come to visit and play with them.
But by saying that, you not only dismiss every minute of your life before the children, which is not nice to you. You're also dismissing those without kids and implying their lives haven't even begun.

The moral of the story is love one another.
Support your friends and pay more attention to how you make them feel.
After all, we remember that much more than what you merely say.

So what do you think? Is this blog spot on, is it unfair to parents, or is there a middle ground somewhere?
Give your comments.
And next week, we'll offer the other viewpoint.

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