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WNCT Roundtable - Frequently Asked Questions

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 1.    Why do this series?

Our goal is to generate conversation in our communities that is inclusive, honest and fair.  Our hope is that our experiment, which no TV team in the viewing area’s done, would not only strengthen faith, but help people better understand where someone else may be coming from as they face similar challenges.  We believe faith should bind us, not divide us.  We looked forward to seeing what this gathering would produce.

2.    How did it come to be?

As happens in a large number of households, a conversation involving the Bible and what the scriptures mean proved very interesting and enlightening for many in the room.  “You should do a story on that,” came out of someone’s mouth, as typically does when something meaningful happens.  We agreed.  Many conversations and drafts later, it evolved into what it is today, a gathering of six faith leaders from different spots on the religious spectrum.

3.    Where did you find your faith leaders?

Casting the panel proved challenging.  We looked for people respected by their communities as leaders when it came to faith.  Our demographic research shows a very large majority of our viewing area is Christian.  To represent that majority, the panel contained three Christians—a moderate, a progressive and a conservative.  We added a priest and representatives from the Muslim and Jewish faiths.  Through research and recommendations we called several leaders.  Some did not call back.  Others declined the invitation.  The ones we selected did a wonderful job and we are grateful they offered their time.

4.    Why no atheist on the panel?

The original plan called for this perspective to be involved in this project.  But in our planning stage it became clear that perspective would, by nature of existing, drive the conversation to an “investigation-type story,” and one that questioned all holy books and their usefulness to society.  While that would make for an interesting story that would educate many on all sides, that is not the experiment we were casting right now.  Perhaps in the future, it will be.

5.    What is WNCT’s position on these subjects?

WNCT does not take a position on these subjects.  The topics revolve around events happening today.  We chose the topics our viewers comment on the most.  The opinions of the faith leaders belong to them.

6.    Why choose Greenville Museum of Art as your location?

To speak to the largest audience, we needed the space for our gathering to be “faith-neutral.”   The white walls with beautiful black-and-white art offered that.  We are grateful for the museum allowing us to invade with our crew.  They were wonderful hosts.

7.    How can I voice my opinion on these stories?

You can leave your comment below.  You could also follow the links from this website to our Facebook page.  The conversation’s been underway there since before the series aired.

8.    Can I contact the faith leaders?

You’ll find a bio that includes their email address for each of them here at WNCT.com.

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