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BREAKING: Trina Mayes Indicted on 7 Counts

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Trina Mayes, a former Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officer, is now under indictment, facing 7 charges of making false statements.

Those charges are in part related to her relationship with Rocky Sellers. A convicted felon who talked to News 3 back in November about the fact he had a relationship with Mayes while she was on the Garden City and Savannah police force.

Mayes is the second former officer to be indicted. Malik Khaalis is facing various charges in connection with a previous drug investigation.

Mayes now has to turn herself in to authorities and will have her day in court.


It was her last appeal, and now that the City Manager has denied it, Trina Mayes has officially been fired.

This all started in October when Savannah Detective Trina Mayes claimed she had an affair with then Police Chief Willie Lovett, and threatened to sue the city and the police department.

After a lengthy investigation Mayes was suspended and then fired.

In the written appeal to the City Manager, Claiborne claims Mayes "did not post a portion of the July 12, 2006 bond for Mr Sellers."

Mr Sellers is Rocky Sellers, the ex con who News 3 interviewed back in November. The same man who had a relationship with Trina Mayes.

But the bond log from A Brighter Day Bonding company shows the name Trina Katrice McGee front and center. Even naming her employer, the Savannah-Chatham Police Department.

McGee is Trina Mayes name from a previous marriage.

McGee even signs the terms and conditions page herself.

According to a memo sent by the Savannah City Attorney, A Brighter Day officials remembered Trina, said she signed bond documents, followed by the statement she was a police officer and "shouldn't be in this" and wanted to get rid of the paper trail.

Mayes claimed she couldn't have bonded Rocky Sellers out on the 12th because he was still in jail on the 15th.

That's true.

Papers show that Sellers was not released on June 12th, 2006. Sources tell News 3 that's because Trina had second thoughts about posting the bond.

He was released 6 days later with his mother's name on the bail sheet.

But Brighter Day workers told investigators Trina was there when those papers were signed, and even gave her driver's license.

Trina Mayes also told investigators she ended her relationship with Rocky Sellers in January of 2006.

But the investigation shows a Tina Wiliams visited Sellers several times in April of that year.

Williams with two l's is Trina's maiden name.

And on one of the days that Tina Wiliams visited Sellers is the same day Trina McGee was issued a check for $30 from Rocky Sellers jail account.

I spoke to William Claiborne, Mayes' lawyer to get his take on the situation. He says there's more to this case than just paper.
"My client denies that's her signature and the signature does not match her driver's license. So we chose to disregard them. They are not notarized and the signatures don't match," explained Claiborne.

"What I said is my client did not bond Rocky Sellers out. This is a document given to us by the City Attorney's office that show Patricia Sellers bonding Rocky Sellers out with no one being listed as the cosigner. NO my client, not anyone."

"Are you saying Bright Day Bail Bonds is not telling the truth?"

"I'm saying Brighter Day said one thing to me and another to the City Attorney's office."

"Are you saying what City Attorney's provided was not true? Investigators haven't done their job?"

"I absolutely say investigators have conducted this investigation from the beginning with an eye toward anything to make things look one way rather than the other.

"What they are trying to do is look like they are conducting a legitimate investigation. What they are really trying to do is have a goal make anything they find support that goal."

Trina Mayes is still threatening to sue the city and police department and may add "retaliation" to her list of complaints.

The Chatham County District Attorney's Office is also investigating Mayes' case.

They may take charges of false statements and forgery to the grand jury to see if it wants to indict her.

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