GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — This year, kids have plenty of toys that will help them explore their interests, get in touch with their creative sides and help them sharpen their skills, all while having loads of fun.

To lessen the load on you, here are some items that your kids will love.  

WNCT’s 31 Best Days of Christmas, Part II


There are so many unique gifts for girls out there, and it seems like new items show up in the stores, online and on Amazon every day. Whether she is getting into skincare, loves to check social media and loves to keep her items trendy, this list is sure to include just the right Christmas gift for all ages.  

Iscream Pink-Make Your Own Neon Sign

It’s trendy to have a neon sign in your room and if you can’t find a design you want, create your own! This kit includes the metal shaping wire and fixing wire so you can bend it whichever way you’d like to create your own personalized sign.

The Original Bedside Shelf

With her having her iPhone, headphones, skincare products, there might not be a lot of room on the nightstand. This connects right to the bed where she can reach them instantly.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera 

Let her be the one behind the camera for a change! She will love snapping photos of her friends and adventures with this instant camera. 

Mini Fridge

She might be getting into beauty products and things such as skincare. The fridge is a great place to store face masks, creams and ice rollers that all work better when chilled. It’s also a great place for her room to store soda cans and other drinks!

You could also go ahead and get her a kit of skincare for the fridge.

Name Necklace

A necklace with her name on it is always in style! With this necklace the font is trendy and you can choose between sterling silver or gold, and then pick a size and you’re good to go!

Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

For the ones who love to sing, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone is way easier to carry around than a karaoke machine. It can also be used as a voice recorder or portable Bluetooth speaker. The wireless mic is compatible with both IOS devices and Android.


Whether he is into gaming, sports, computers, toys, cars, Marvel or any other bit of pop culture, boys are obsessed with, here are some ideas filled with the coolest toys and tech that make great gifts for every kind of budget. 

PokemonTCG: Pokemon Battle Academy, Multicolor  

As the first-ever board game adaptation of Pokémon trading cards, the Battle Academy expands on the classic fun found from the original. It comes with a two-player board, three 60-card decks, a gameplay tutorial and accessories. 

Over-The-Door Basketball Hoop 

This compact, over-the-door-hoop will easily fit in his room or play area.  

Bluetooth Beanie

This looks like a regular knit cap, but it actually is something much more. It will keep him warm but also give him the option to listen to music as well!

Drone As Camera

With this toy, you might be playing with it yourself! You can capture memorable moments with clear images right on your phone.

Laser Gaming Set 

Forget trips to laser tag for this handheld game for two players. 

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit 

Little scientists don VR goggles for experiments in virtual and augmented reality, led by science favorite Bill Nye. Each kit comes with step-by-step videos along with lab equipment like beakers and brushes.