GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s the holidays once again and you have to find a gift for everyone. That includes your furry friends.

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The list feels miles long. Well, at WNCT we’re here to help you out and find gifts for everyone on your list. That includes the pets in your life.


Chewy offers subscriptions along with regular one-time sales. This season they are offering a Holiday Goody Box for your dog. The boxes come in different sizes to fit your pet’s needs.

Interactive Treat Puzzle

Get your dog a present that combines toys, treats and stimulation. This interactive treat puzzle features hidden containers to put treats in. Your dog has to solve the puzzle in order to receive its reward.

Calming Bites

Chill out for the holiday by relieving your pet’s anxiety. Whether it’s for travel, socialization or bad weather, these Zesty Paws bites have got you covered. They are available in multiple flavors.


Imagine it’s summer or that your holiday vacation this year is somewhere warm and tropical. This fantasy can seem like reality with this palm cat tree. Both you and your cat will forget about the chill in the air.

VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeder

Tired of being meowed at early in the morning? This will solve your and your pet’s needs. No more being bullied by your cat before feeding time, this automatic feeder has got you covered so you can sleep in on those days off.

PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier

Want to bring your cat everywhere? Just get this backpack so you and your snuggly friend will never be separated during holiday traveling. Bonus point, they look like they’re in a spaceship.

One last option

Last but not least, bring your animal to the pet store. If they are friendly that is, and don’t get anxious around other animals and humans. Have your pet pick something out, and call it a day. That’s one more gift to scratch off your list.