GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration around the globe.

However, many of those celebrations are marked with numerous superstitions and traditions. 9OYS has compiled a list of some of the different traditions observed and celebrated on NYE.

North America

Eat Beans

In the southern United States, many families consume a meal consisting of pork, rice, and black-eyed peas. This tradition has been around for centuries and is believed to bring about prosperity and good luck to those who participate.

South America

Wear White

Brazilians like to ring in the New Year by jumping into the ocean when the clock strikes midnight. The key is to make a wish every time you make one of your roughly seven jumps. Oh, and don’t forget to wear white as a sign of good fortune.


Hang Onions

Hanging onions on your doors is an ancient Greek tradition. Onions are a symbol of fertility. It is believed that by hanging these on your front door you invite in abundance, growth and fertility.


Make A Wish

All you need to participate is a white ball, a Sharpie and a river. In Singapore, people celebrate NYE by writing down their wishes on a giant white sphere. Once the wish is written, the ball is thrown into the Singapore river.


Throw Furniture

This one is mainly located in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. The people of Hillbrow, Johannesburg, will toss their old unwanted furniture out of windows. Out with the old, they say.


Watch Fireworks

Firework displays can be seen all over Australia on the 31st. Even the Sydney Harbour Bridge sets off its own. Some Australians bring picnic baskets to snack on as they enjoy the festivities.