Aces for Autism: Organization helping families with children with autism spectrum disorders

Aces for Autism

Many families are impacted by autism a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention autism is found in one in 59 children.  

Aces for Autism is a nonprofit organization based in Greenville that works with individuals affected to help them reach their full potential. 

Ms. Purdie has three boys, Israel, Emanuel, and Elijah and they all have autism.

She says all three of her sons are on different spectrum’s and after trying different therapies and treatments, Ms. Purdie learned about Aces for Autism.

“Aces has been amazing to me it’s been an amazing support for my family. With Aces help, they showed me different ways to communicate with the kids and different cues that the children are giving me I just was not picking up on,” Ms. Purdie says.

The staff works one on one with her boys and since being at Aces, Ms. Purdie has found support from other parents at the organization.

“We have the kids meet up for play dates whether it’s at the park or the swimming pool. we’ve been invited to birthday parties and places that we’ve taken the kids I probably would never have taken my kids alone,” Ms. Purdie explains.

She wants others in the community to realize that it’s crucial to support children and individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Ms. Purdie says spending quality time can go a long way, “you have to spend time with your child to spend time with the special needs in the community and learn the different cues that they have.”

Israel, Elijah, and Emanuel are all on different levels when it comes to their autism diagnosis and at Aces, Israel has been able to work through sensory issues as well as improve his vocalization skills.

If you would like more information on Aces for Autism you can check out their website here.

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