MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) – The second annual Big Rock Kids’ Tournament is taking place in Morehead City. 

With the tournament comes a brand-new set of shirts to go along with it. The designs on the kid’s shirts this year were made by a junior artist. 

Allie Rodelsperger, 15, is this year’s artist. Her mom, Holly Rodelsperger, says she encouraged both of her daughters to enter the competition to design the art on the back of the shirts. 

“When my mom sent me the Instagram posts, I was really excited because I’ve never entered any of my art in competitions,” said Allie Rodelsperger.  

Allie says she’s been painting since she was 5. So, when it got down to it – she got to work. 

“She started studying the Carteret County map, and then she decided that she wanted to incorporate that. And so, she did that. And then she started adding the blue marlin into it,” said Holly Rodelsperger.  

She worked on and off for a week or so on the design. 

“With the map I saw, I didn’t know what color to use. So sargassum weed came to mind, which looks like the map,” said Allie Rodelsperger.  

All that hard work paid off in the end. They sent it off and ended up winning the competition. Now, they say it’s surreal to see people wearing Allie’s design. 

“It’s hard to believe because the big rock is such a big deal. Even though we’re from Charleston, it’s a big thing across the East Coast,” said Holly Rodelsperger.