MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) — Businesses in Morehead City are gearing up in more ways than one for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

Festivities actually began Friday for the 25th Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament, which runs Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, the 64th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament kicks off a big week of fishing. For many businesses in Morehead City and the surrounding area, the week-long event brings a big shot economically to the area.

“All the businesses do well. It’s just, it’s an exciting time. We all look forward to it every year,” said Heather Maxwell, general manager of Garnet Inn & Suites.

Maxwell said she’s been through every Big Rock since she started at the hotel in 1988.

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25th Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament set to kick off in Morehead City

“We have a lot of boaters that come in here,” Maxwell said. “We’ve even had some of the winners. Some of their family have stayed here.”

Maxwell said there’s still some vacancy ahead of the big week.

“This year is going to be great. We’re looking to have a good year,” Maxwell said.

At Tight Lines Pub & Brewery Company, they’re staffing up and keeping their fridges stocked.

“We’ve been around for most of those Big Rocks, except for during Florence,” said Michael Archer, owner and general manager. “And it really brings in a good business, especially when you have people like Michael Jordan coming in, it always helps with little.”

They’re really hoping to host the big man himself this year. Archer said Jordan hasn’t visited his place befort but “We’re still working on it.”

Over at Downtown Barre, they consider the upcoming week their kickoff to summer.

“It definitely helps us get our act together so that we are ready to rock and roll and have everything ready and, and good for our summertime traffic,” said Anna Segrave, co-owner.