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Kateryna Odarchenko: Disinformation and polarization are the main challenges in political campaigns

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 16th, the Second Political Campaign and Management Forum took place at the Capitol Hill Club. It was organized by the International GR Professionals Association (IGAPA), the professional community of specialists in the spheres of Government Relations and political campaign managers, the consulting company "SIC Group USA LLC," and the non-profit organization "Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA."

This landmark event, occurring exactly one year before the Presidential Elections in the United States, brought together political campaign management professionals to address critical challenges facing the industry on both national and global scales. Discussions focused on issues such as polarization, the proliferation of disinformation and fake news, the integration of artificial intelligence in political campaigns, and the rising costs of elections.

The forum commenced with an insightful opening address by Kateryna Odarchenko, a prominent political consultant. Odarchenko underscored the significance of forums like this, where professionals exchange practical insights and deliberate on the most effective tools in election and communication campaigns. She emphasized her commitment to high ethical standards, citing the practices of her consulting company, "SIC Group USA LLC," which actively contributes to the development of a new culture of communication in markets.

As preparations for the upcoming Presidential elections in the United States were discussed, experts unanimously identified solutions to challenges such as disinformation and polarization. Notable speakers included Karen Mulhauser, a political consultant with experience working alongside Barack Obama, who emphasized the continued effectiveness of direct voter contact in election campaigns. Jay Townsend, a renowned speechwriter and strategist, predicted a shift towards a positive agenda in future U.S. elections, where voters would evaluate government officials based on their actions.

The Second Political Campaign and Management Forum served as a global platform, attracting participants from 7 countries, including Anastasiia Magonova (USA), Narek Kazarian (Ukraine), Mariam Razi (Canada), Dina Shaikhislam (Kazakhstan), and Mihael Cigler (Slovenia). Distinguished speakers and guests included Stephen Blank, Peter Huessy, Kendall Coffey, Jason Shelton, Ben Evans, Thadeus Walls, Leif Larson, and Michael Gofman.

About IGAPA:
IGAPA is the leading international association for GR, lobbying, advocacy, and public affairs professionals that unites specialists from over 10 countries. Together with "SIC Group USA" and Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA," IGAPA develops practices of transparent dialogue between state, business, and society on an international scale.

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