Farmers and town officials come together to discuss the drought


This dry heat is having a huge impact on one of North Carolina’s biggest industries…farming.

Farmers from several counties are now coming together to work with their state legislators to find some solutions.

Jason Jones is a full time farmer and he spoke at the meeting.

“What I want you to realize, is if I fail… Brandon and me, if we fail and we can’t pay our bills this year it don’t just effect me, it effects everybody on this stage…and we’re not the only ones,” Jones pleaded.

But he’s not the only one, many other farmers are also looking for support from their state legislators.

The meeting was held in Cove City.

Farming communities across eastern North Carolina are in danger of losing most or all of their crops and going bankrupt because of this year’s drought.

Farmers took this meeting as an opportunity to explain to local legislators the difficult situation they are in.

At the meeting they also took officials on a tour of their crops. They were able to show them wha damage this heat has done.

Cove City Mayor Dred Mitchell has a personal interest as well, because he’s also a farmer.

“Just want to make people aware of our problems an situation and uh I’m really afraid that there’s going to be many farmers that aren’t going to make it to farm another year,” Mitchell says.

Nine North Carolina representatives attended this meeting.

Including district nine representative Greg Murphy.

“They’re the breadbasket, they’re the biggest part of our economy in North Carolina, especially in eastern North Carolina. And we’re here to try and listen to them…hear their concerns and see how we can come together as a body to really move forward and support our farmers,” says Murphy.

Farmers are hopeful they’ll be able to make a crop, but many hope they’ll be able to get help from Raleigh if they can’t.

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