COVID-19 studies show virus could be airborne



New studies are shedding light on how COVID-19 can be passed through breathing in virus particles in our air.

Even though it’s a time of self isolation and quarantine, many people are leaving their homes…into the danger zones.

Dr. Rachel Roper is an ECU Brody School of Medicine Professor.

She works in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Basically, she knows a lot about viruses.

“If you’re near someone whose infected, there’s going to be airborne particles coming out of their mouth all of the time,” said Dr. Roper.

Roper says just because we can’t see the virus, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

It’s actually in microscopic droplets that are released when an infected person breathes, speaks, yawns, and even coughs.

Roper also says it’s most important to practice social distancing when we’re inside smaller spaces with lots of people, like grocery stores.

She suggests everyone should act as if they are infected.

“Everyone in the US should assume that it’s circulating in their community today and protect themselves,” said Roper.

However, this evidence doesn’t mean you should swear off going outside.

“Outside is fairly safe. To catch the virus you have to have enough of it. So, you have to be close to someone…fairly close to someone…who is giving off virus particles,” said Roper.

If you decide to leave the house, Dr.Roper suggests wearing a mask. She also says it’s important to wash your hands before touching the mask.

This will help you keep germs off the mask, so that you don’t breathe them in.

Also, staying six feet away from others or more is encouraged.

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