GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — Three years ago Tuesday, ECU Health admitted its first COVID-19 patient to the hospital.

Throughout the years, health officials have seen as many as 393 COVID patients at once. Now, there are 46 patients across the hospital’s system.

“We’re not seeing the same level of fear about COVID as we did before,” said Dr. Dave Harlow, senior vice president of Allied Health and ECU Health.

Harlow said that the reason there is less fear is because of vaccinations and exposure.

“A lot of people have been vaccinated and those that have not been vaccinated have either been exposed to one of the variants of the other,” Harlow said. “So there’s a fair amount of immunity that we absolutely did not have in Eastern North Carolina in early March and that’s what made it so deadly.”

Doctors with the hospital said it’s been three years of hard work from all of their staff inside of the hospital and outside at their drive-thru testing site.