GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – It’s good to have a workout routine, but that’s not the case if diagnosed with COVID-19.

Health officials advise people to stop working out but to keep moving while dealing with the virus.

“What we know about COVID is that it’s a really severe illness. And oftentimes, there can be multi-system involvement, specifically, the heart, the lungs, and the blood vessels,” said Dr. Mott Blair, MD with Vidant Health.

Blair added that with COVID, it’s important to move around but not overdo it.

“Obviously, it’s good to be somewhat active around your home, obviously get up and move around your bed rest, it can become dangerous, particularly because of some of the vascular complications that you can have with COVID,” said Blair.

Concerning signs to watch out for when getting back into exercising after having the virus are shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and chest pain and pressure. It’s suggested to keep track of your pulse and wear a pulse oximeter.

Dr. Paul Bolin, Jr., a professor at East Carolina University and chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, said when having the virus there are some things to do at home to help recover.

“Breathing exercises are really important. Taking very slow, deep breaths, and actually, both taking it in and actually exhaling as well,” said Bolin.” And so deep breathing exercises are important. As a part of that, you can exercise your arms and legs with various things around your home. But I think the most important are deep-breathing exercises and getting up on a very frequent basis.”

Bolin stressed the importance of gradually going back to physical activity even after having COVID and to start out by taking advantage of outdoor walking spaces Eastern North Carolina has to offer.