GREENVILLE, N.C (WNCT) Many people will make a decision on whether or not to get the COVID vaccine when it’s available. It will be up to parents to decide if their children should get it. Attorneys say divorced or “Co-Parenting” families add new wrinkles to that decision-making process.

Each parent may have a different viewpoint on whether or not to vaccinate.

Attorney Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq. says there are things you and your fellow parent can do to ease this process. First, follow any existing legal agreement on your children’s health. If there is no legal agreement, just talk it out. There’s a chance that could lead to conflict, so you may want to use attorneys maybe even just to meditate. Russell suggests doing what you can to avoid taking the argument to the courts.

“Especially for Co-Parents, Co-Parenting is already difficult because you are raising a child from two different, separate homes. The courts shut down because of COVID. People are still able to make these decisions via Zoom, via conferences. It is something that parents need to be aware of as they are thinking about this for their parenting plans down the road,” said Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq., The Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell, P.A.

The attorney also suggests some apps or other technology to help with these conversations

One thing to keep in mind, none of the COVID vaccines currently in use have been cleared for children. Make sure you check with your child’s doctor before seeking the vaccine.