KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – UNC Lenoir says they are not using Regeneron to treat the omicron variant because they say it is not effective.

They say Sotrovomab and Remdesivir are being used to treat COVID and are effective against omicron.

However, as of right now, they are using Remdesivir, because they are out of Sotrovomab. UNC Lenoir is expecting a shipment of Sotrovomab next week and will expect shipments of more antibodies that will fight omicron in the near future.

“We are expecting some anti-bodies that are effective for Omicron in the near future, but they are gonna be severely short-supply so we will have to use it judiciously and only on the most high-risk, ill patients, so it will not be readily available to everybody until the supplies increase.”

Health officials say Remdesivir, which is an anti-viral is a three-day treatment. Sotrovomab is a one-time infusion.