GREENVILLE N.C. (WNCT) – 15-year-old John Hinchey is creating masks for Vidant Medical Workers through 3D printing.

John Hinchey with his masks at Vidant Medical Center.

3D printing has always been a fascination for the high school freshman, and now it’s saving lives.

The goal of the masks is to help prevent germs to get onto hospital workers, so they can avoid catching COVID-19.

Hinchey says the process for creating the masks is simple.

You print a plastic forehead band. This takes an hour.

Then, you punch holes into a plastic sheet, and slide it onto the band.

Each mask takes under a dollar to make, and Hinchey is able to make twenty a day.

“I’ve made about 100, and donated about 82,” said Hinchey.

Now, Hinchey has set up a GoFundMe page, so he can continue to make more masks.

He’s also got more hands on deck now.

“In the next few weeks, I’ve partnered with some 3D printing businesses in Greenville. We should have a couple hundred to donate at the end of these two weeks,” said Hinchey.

Hinchey says he’ll continue making the masks until the virus peaks, which health experts say will be within the next two weeks in North Carolina.

To donate to his GoFundMe page, click here.