Ohio Red Cross volunteers head to Eastern NC ahead of Dorian



Teams of volunteers from Ohio are driving Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV’s) to Greenville, Wilmington, and Durham, ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s arrival on the NC coast, to help people in need after the hurricane.

The pair driving one ERV from Dayton were planning to go to Mobile, Alabama. But since Dorian is traveling more north, they stopped in Montgomery, Alabama, before being sent to North Carolina. Mark Howell and Allan Schussheim are back on the road in the ERV, heading to North Carolina.

Howell explained, “We’re actually going to 3 different locations within North Carolina. My team and others are going to Greenville. We have several teams that are going to Wilmington, North Carolina, and a group that are going to the Durham, North Carolina area.”

They made it to a staging area in Montgomery, Alabama on Tuesday morning, where all of the ERV’s were inspected.

Schussheim said, “There were 83 ERV’s from around the country. I mean they were ERV’s from Utah, from Wyoming, from Texas. The 16 ERV’s that we left behind in Montgomery are now going to deploy behind the storm.”

The Dayton pair part of the 17 crews that were proactively sent to North Carolina with plenty of emergency supplies and food to distribute.

Schussheim added, “Just like we’re waiting to see where the storm went in Florida, and what happened, now they’re seeing the storm’s going up the coast and it’s going to hit the coastlines of the Carolinas. So, now they’re moving some of their assets up to the North Carolina area waiting in preparation of the storm ahead.”

Red Cross officials said across the Southeast, almost 200 shelters have already opened with 11,000 people staying in them. About 32 volunteers have come to North Carolina from the Dayton and Cincinnati region, with more expected if Dorian makes landfall.

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