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There’s a one-of-a-kind place in Kenansville that’s been offering lodging and an incredible place to eat for decades.

The Country Squire and Inn offers a unique place to come and relax. The restaurant is inspired by English and Scottish culture, providing a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

One of the most popular items is the Korean beef, which is hand trimmed and cut in house, and then marinated in a soy-base marinade for 24 hours.

“You get a lot of the soy sauce that gives it the salt,” said WNCT’s Josh Birch. “That’s really the purpose of letting it marinate for 24 hours so that every bite, you get a little bit of that.”

“We have tried to make it at home, and it’s good, but it’s just not like it is here,” said Chelsey Allen, who gets the Korean beef each time she comes.

Another popular dish is the prime rib. The prime rib is seasoned with a special mix, and then cut and cooked to order every time.

“It’s given me so much pleasure, I couldn’t begin to tell you in so many words,” said Iris Lennon. “I can’t imagine people going to work and not enjoying what they’re doing.”

Lennon said she is happy to be able to keep an iconic Duplin County spot open for generations to enjoy. On top of the restaurant and inn, the Country Squire recently opened up their own winery. You can purchase wine on site, or get it at select stores across the East.

To learn more information about the Country Squire, click here.

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