Although it’s only been opening for a few months, Georgia Dean’s is becoming a household name in Martin County. Opening up in an old floral shop, Georgia Dean’s pays homage to the past by serving the present some incredible food.

“Everyone in Martin County knows Georgia,” said owner Stephanie Manning. “They knew her legacy and we wanted to carry on this landmark.”

Her legacy included being recognized for her flowers by three U.S. Presidents.

From flowers to food, Georgia Dean’s offers up customers a wide array of food.

They elevate flavors and take unique twists on the classics like fried chicken. At Georgia Dean’s, it’s pickled fried chicken.

“Fried chicken that is marinated for 48 hours in pickle juice, and then it’s topped with a pickle,” said cook Anthony McIntrye.

“You get the salt from the pickle juice, the brine they’re doing,” said WNCT’s Josh Birch. “You’ve got to try this place out.”

From fried chicken to incredible pasta dishes. The Cajun chicken pasta is one of the most popular. A tortellini cream sauce dish with steak skewers and Gorgonzola cheese is another hit.

“The newest, freshest eatery in Eastern North Carolina, and it’s the best place to eat in Williamston,” said Merle Green.

They also have incredible burgers, some topped with their homemade Poblano pimento cheese, which is a must try!

But save room because they are also making tasty sweets, like homemade brownies and donuts that are light and fluffy, but still pack that great taste.

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