East Carolina All-American Bryant Packard is now playing for his Mom.

Packard’s Mom, Cherry Packard was recently diagnosed with cancer. While the news shook the family, the fight to beat cancer began right away. 

Cherry is one of the Pirate’s biggest fans, and refers to all of the players as her sons. 

“My Mom is a huge baseball fan,” Packard told the media after Sunday’s 9-8 loss to Tulane. “The only thing she wanted me to do when she was diagnosed was to play harder for her. I just think about her when I play.”

Over the last season and a half Packard has arguably been the best player in all of college baseball. The news hit hard at first, but Packard found a way to harness the frustration.

“Look, it’s obviously a tough situation and I don’t want to speak for Pack but we’ve just talked and said to seperate it,” said Pirate Coach Cliff godwin.  His Mom wants him to come out here and play to the best of his abiltity to help his team win. Pack is an extremely selfless teammate who wants to do whatever he can to help his team win.”

Packard was honored on Monday as the American Athletic Coference Player of the Week.