GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Greenville Theatre Arts Center is a non-profit organization that inspires individuals to explore their artistic sides and give them resources that can allow them to grow as creators.

Terri Campbell-Payton is the creative director for the Greenville Theatre Arts Center (GTAC). She says she wants to bring awareness to diversity through the arts in the Greenville community.

“My job is to bring people aware as much as possible, creatively,” Campbell-Payton said.

Campbell-Payton handles programs, creative direction, writing and production for the GTAC. She has been on theater tours for most of her childhood, acting in eight plays. She is the youngest person in the organization. She says diversity is very important to her and stresses it in her works.

“My main message is to bring artistic healing and diversity to Greenville,” Campbell-Payton said.

Campbell-Payton also says she wants to give people, especially young people, an outlet where they can express themselves freely, not just artistically, but emotionally. She believes expressing yourself through art can help you mentally.

“We like to use the arts and teach the arts for that mental coping for people and that emotional coping and we like to tell stories that can be real to people that may not know what situation that they’re in, that they can get a little bit of light and a little bit of message from everything we do,” Campbell-Payton said.

Campbell-Payton tries to promote peace and healing through the arts by having people express themselves through their creativity. She believes that peace and healing should be felt throughout life, and not at the end of one’s lifetime.

“To be able to get that peace and healing while we’re still here on Earth,” Campbell-Payton said. “We don’t have to wait until that last moment to get that. We can feel that with each other and the universal language we all speak is arts.”

The theater is working on a production called, “The Meeting,” which will showcase the conversation between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X as well as collecting book donations.