WILSON, N.C. (WNCT) – Historic Downtown Wilson wants residents of Eastern North Carolina to get the experience of traveling worldwide.  

Eyes on Main Street offers people the opportunity to see Main Street from more than 37 different countries. Jermone De Perlinghi from Eyes on Mainstreet said “We wanted to show photographs from all over the world so attendants can travel and see other parts of the world without actually leaving Wilson.”  

Eyes on Main Street has been an annual event for the past seven years. For the past seven years, the theme has been the same, which is Main Streets: A Crossroad of Cultures, which is all interpreted by photographers.  

“The whole purpose of the event is to help brighten up the city and attract visitors from all over the state,” Perlinghi said.

The biggest photograph is 185 inches wide. The artistic display is open day and night and runs about a mile long. There are two indoor galleries to look more at the photographs. If you come in groups to get a more detailed tour of all the art pieces downtown.  

The Eyes on Main Street Exhibition will be running until March 30.