WILSON, N.C. (WNCT) – For Harry Potter fans or wizarding world fans, downtown Wilson was the place to be this weekend.

“So many people have shown up to help support the local businesses that have been participating in the wizarding weekend. And it’s actually Harry Potter’s birthday today, so that’s pretty exciting,” said Samuel Mason, bartender at Casita Brewing Company, about the Friday-Sunday event.

It all started on Friday in downtown historic Wilson. Local businesses turned their stores into magical experiences.

“It’s a great way to support local businesses, especially with the times that we’re in right now. It is very much needed,” said Mason.

Inside Casita Brewing Company, you were immediately taken to an alternate universe.

“Casita had a trivia night, as well as other fun Harry Potter-themed things, and we had about 210 people show up for trivia. We actually had to cap it at that, which is our biggest trivia night we’ve ever had,” said Mason.

Although Sunday was the last day of the event and the weather slowed down the crowds outdoors, inside the brewery, that wasn’t the case. Casita was full of butterbeer slushies, wizard arts and crafts and more.

“If you love to drink and love to eat food and you love to shop, it’s perfect to come here. We’re always just looking for ways to bring a smile to people and just share the joy that we have here and Wilson,” Mason said.

Even though it was their first wizarding weekend, Mason said because of the outcome and support, they are already planning for next year’s festivities in hopes of it becoming an annual event.