RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A road trip from Oklahoma City wasn’t a big deal for Kiah Lowe—not when her destination landed in the Oak City to join thousands of others for J. Cole’s Dreamville Music Festival.

“I’m a big fan of J. Cole’s, so before they announced the lineup, I was already coming,” said Lowe. Lowe, who joined her friends, added, “Drake was the cherry on top, but I’ve gotten to see other people I love, too; so, it’s been fun.”

The Dreamville team said the two-day celebration brought around 100,000 people and included a crowd from all 50 states—even people from more than 20 countries.

“Bringing all these diverse people together in one place for the love of music and the city… It’s a great thing for North Carolina,” said Sidney Baker who traveled from Greensboro. Baker said he’s attended the festival before and didn’t want to miss it. Baker added, “It’s real peaceful, and as you can see, a very chill environment, and it gets better every year.”

If you ask Reilly Dunn who was among several vendors at the festival, he said the festival has been great for businesses, too. He said, “It really depends on the time, it goes from good to fantastic… We have so many people who have very generously agreed to help us because it’s a lot!” Dunn said he opened his business in Raleigh called “GrooveWagon” just six months ago.

Last year, organizers said the festival created a more than $6.7 million economic impact for the Raleigh and Wake County community. The festival, then, brought a crowd of 80,000 attendees. The team said Dreamville launched in 2018 and has become North Carolina’s largest music festival and a signature event for fans worldwide.