GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — With all the new streaming services coming out, they come with many subscriptions, but if you want to watch something specific, chances are you’ll have to sign up for more than one service.

How many subscriptions are too many? In a new study by DailyStoke, over 1,000 American subscribers to popular streaming services give insights and opinions on the platforms.

In the early days of Netflix, you could share your password with anyone and they would be able to use your subscription as if it were their own. Almost half of users share their passwords with non-household members. Most Americans don’t see a problem with password sharing.

In fact, half of the consumers say they will cancel their subscriptions if providers continue to implement measures against password sharing, and 64% already admit to being frustrated by current measures taken by providers.

Most services are fairly affordable, but when you have to combine multiple, the monthly bill can get expensive. With automatic charges do people even know how much they’re paying? Over half of the subscribers do know their monthly cost, equating to an average price of $46 a month. The majority believe streaming subscription costs are overpriced and don’t believe the platforms offer enough to justify the subscription costs.

62% believe it’s necessary to be subscribed to some kind of streaming service in today’s society, with one in four saying they couldn’t live without subscribing to a service. When they try to cancel, most just end up resubscribing.

The vast majority enjoy the content that’s offered through the different platforms. Three in four Americans will sign up for a free trial just to watch something specific like a new movie or show that is skyrocketing in popularity.

All platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, but some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a service include content, price, and ease of use for consumers. When it comes to content, Americans say Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ have the best to offer. Price-wise, Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu come out on top. And when it comes to the user experience of a platform, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ rank in the top three.