RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Piece by piece and block by block, the “Art of the Brick” Exhibition in Raleigh is bringing creativity and art to a whole new dimension.

“When you get to see it in person, it’s not like you’re going into an art museum and seeing a painting on a wall,” said Ryan Haines, an operations manager with the Exhibition Hub.

Haines said the contemporary art exhibition features more than 90 pieces of work that are all created by more than a million LEGO bricks.

The artist, Nathan Sawaya, left his job as a lawyer and has become known as one of the best LEGO builders in the world. The Art of the Brick exhibit has been seen by millions of people and has toured more than 100 cities and 24 countries. It features some of Sawaya’s own creative work as well as art inspired by masterpieces including Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa.’

“We were excited to bring it to the Triangle area—it’s been a long time coming since we wanted to bring it to Raleigh and it was the perfect time to bring it,” Haines said.

Haines said the art exhibition replaces the popular Van Gogh Immersive Experience at Pleasant Valley Promenade.

Buddy Lipscomb, who visited from California, decided to take his two grandchildren to the exhibition on opening day.

“There’s a lot of detail and you have to stop and examine it hard to really see it all,” he said.

Lipscomb said Sawaya’s work brought back memories of his son who also grew up playing with LEGOs. Pointing to his grandchildren, he added,

“The kids have followed after that and they have tons of LEGOs,” he added. “It’s really cool to see the sculptures, the way they were built, and the imagination behind it.”

Haines said the sculptures are not only sparking childhood memories for some, but he said the artist also hopes to demonstrate the potential of creativity and imagination. Through several rooms,

Haines said visitors can see a variety of the artist’s work—it’s open to the whole family. Haines said at the end of the exhibit, visitors and children can also have an opportunity to use their own creativity where they can build their own LEGO sculptures and color Sawaya’s work to see it displayed electronically. 

The exhibit runs through the summer and is free for children under the age of four. For more information, click here.