WILSON, N.C. (WNCT) – The N.C. Whirligig Festival celebrated its eighteenth year over the two-day event this past weekend.

N.C. Whirligig Festival Director Theresa Mathis said the Whirligig Park has transformed Wilson’s downtown area.

“We have a dedicated team of revitalization and it all centered about creative art. And the whirligigs are at the heart of that. Vollis Simpson built these years ago, they’ve been restored and erected in this magical park where the wind makes art come alive,” said Mathis.

The festival features local art and performers of the region at the center of Whirligig Park.

“Last year we had a partial festival because things were starting to open up, so we had a decent crowd. But this year, we’re back,” Mathis said.

“We’re getting giggy with it again this year. And we are so excited that the crowds have come back peoples are ready to celebrate, they’re ready to see the neighbors they haven’t seen in a year. And what a better place than outdoors under the whirligigs.”

Mathis added, the N.C. Whirligig Festival would not be possible without the nearly 200 vendors, 27 community sponsors and PNC, which is the presenting sponsor.

Mathis encouraged those who have never been to the Whirligig Festival in Wilson before or don’t know what a whirligig is to experience it at their park.

“Until you see them in person, you don’t get it, the size, the magnitude, the way they spin with the slightest breeze. That’s what a whirligig is. And what we asked for folks to do is just come give it a whirl,” said Mathis.

Mathis said with each year, the festival gets bigger and better with more people coming out.