CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Ticketmaster is canceling the Friday pre-sale for Taylor Swift concert tickets.

The company said the cancellation was due to high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient ticket inventory.

The announcement is the latest problem for Ticketmaster that has left Taylor Swift fans fuming, and lawmakers are getting involved.

NC AG investigating Ticketmaster after Taylor Swift ticket sale canceled

Getting a seat at a concert used to be as simple as walking up to a ticket booth. In today’s world, it’s primarily virtual.

“It was kind of a nightmare,” Desirae Ordorica said

Ordorica was among millions trying to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming Era’s tour.

What was supposed to be a guaranteed process with Ticketmaster’s verified pre-sale code turned into a house of waiting, sometimes for nothing due to technical issues.

“Sir, I have a code; let me in,” Ordorica said

While Ticketmaster blames ‘historic demand’ for crashing their site, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office announced he is investigating whether the company broke any consumer protection laws.

“Believe me, Ticketmaster does not want to go down,” said President and CEO of Ark Group Noah Lazes. “Believe me, they are doing everything in their power from a programming standpoint, from a design standpoint to be able to deal with that, and it doesn’t happen very often.”

The Cornelius-based entertainment company owns and operates live music venues across the country. It owned the Music Factory in Charlotte before being sold earlier this year.

Lazes says while artists and venues do not always use Ticketmaster to sell tickets, more often than not, it’s the best option.

“Creating a company, whether it sells tickets or produces concerts, takes generations to learn how to do well,” Lazes said. “Ticketmaster is a company that has more experience and expertise, and knowledge in the ticket industry than anybody.”

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar sent a letter to the CEO and President of Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation. She shared concerns over the lack of competition in the ticketing industry and its impact on the consumer.

“There are tons of ticketing services from Seat Geek to StubHub to Tickets Now; you name it, you name it,” Lazes said.