GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — What’s up doc? The Easter bunny is coming to town, and he needs a sweet treat for his arrival.

He loves carrots but how about turning those carrots into a carrot soufflé? The ingredients needed are carrots, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, flour, eggs, butter and powdered sugar.

First, boil the carrots until they’re extra soft. While the carrots are still warm, add the sugar, baking powder and vanilla. Mix that with the mixer until it’s smooth.

Next, add the other ingredients one by one and mix each time another one is added. Add the flour, mix, then grab the eggs and mix those in, too. Lastly, add the butter and mix on more time.

Now that everything is blended together, pour the mixture into a baking dish. Leave enough room because the soufflé will rise. Bake it on 350 for about an hour or until it’s brown on the top. The grand finale is powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Mr. Easter Bunny will love this.