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We are in the month of December and you know what that means … a feast is waiting to happen. In December, Christmas is celebrated. One of the most common dishes, and in my opinion, the must-have at the table is the chicken dressing.

Here’s how to make it.

You will need cream of chicken, cream of onion, cream of celery, chopped green peppers and onions, chicken broth, Martha White Mexican cornbread, white cornbread, and cut-up rotisserie chicken. You are only a few steps away from making a mouth-watering dish.

First, you will make the cornbread. Follow the necessary instructions on the packet. Once the cornbread is baked until it’s golden, you will crumble the cornbread in a mixing bowl.

Next, mix all the remaining ingredients into the crumbled cornbread. Adding chicken is optional.

Here is a tip. Don’t forget to add enough chicken broth so it isn’t dry. Lastly, place into a pan and bake until it’s golden brown with a little bit of a crisp.

Wallah!! There is a masterpiece.