GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina provides much more than just a place to stay.

Serving over 50 counties in the area, staff say it’s meeting the emotional, creative and physical needs of the families that they take the most pride in.

They tell 9OYS they each have a special connection to this place, and that is what fuels their passion to help families during a difficult time. It’s that passion that takes their care and support to the next level.

Katie Ashby, director of Marketing and Volunteer Services, said it’s not always the time the families spend at the Ronald McDonald House, it’s what happens after they leave, that often leaves the most impact.

“We have so many families that come back and want to show us their children after they’ve been gone for a year or two years. So we really get to watch these children grow up,” Ashby said.

For Family Services Coordinator Caleb Turik, this place hits close to home.

“My sister actually stayed here when she had my nephew,” Turik said. “She was admitted for preeclampsia to Vidant, and that was my first exposure to the Ronald McDonald House.”

Turik says seeing the impact the house made on not only his own family, but so many others is what gives him the drive to give back to those they serve each and every day.

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