NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — More than 75 years ago, the Braswell Family started making cornmeal.

That was in 1943, when people would bring their own corn, still in the husk, to be shucked and ground at Boddie Mill. At the time, that cornmeal was a household staple used to feed families.

Now, Braswell Family Farms has expanded far beyond that original feed mill, producing large batches of chicken and pig feed. That’s on top of the already massive production of eggs that it is well known for.

“All generations have used the business as an opportunity to support the families that work here, the families in the community and other organizations, churches and ministries that are doing good work,” said Trey Braswell, the fourth-generation Braswell Family Farms president.

This week, Braswell Family Farms is partnering with Ripe Revival to bring Braswell’s Food Bus to Third Street Elementary School in Greenville so the community can purchase even more food items directly from local farms. There will also be a chef demonstration on simple ways for kids to prepare eggs.

Pay what you can bus brings local produce to communities with food scarcity

Watch the video to see more about the feed mill and to learn more about how Braswell Family Farms got its start.