GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — In March of 2022, Greenville’s Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, joined Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

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The first 10 seconds the video starts out, ironically, as Donaldson is wearing the headphones for the podcast, but it a little freaked out by hearing his own voice, even though he does YouTube for a living. Interesting start.

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He goes into detail about how his YouTube career started. The platform wasn’t what it is now. He’s watched it evolve. When he was making his videos in the beginning, they were strictly video game versions. He says he was getting no views, no money and no equipment, until he saved up money made from his videos and was able to upgrade. Up until age 18, he had been doing YouTube religiously, but not making hardly any money.

When he graduated high school, his mom made him go to Pitt Community College. Well, she thought he was there at least. He was just in his car editing videos for around 15 hours a day.

Getting a look inside MrBeast’s warehouses

He says his obsession with YouTube and creating videos is what has brought him success.

He also tells Rogan that even with all of his money, he lived in a below-average home. The only reason he moved out of there and into an upgraded house was for security reasons after his previous home was robbed. He feels like living in a $10 million home would be “hypocritical” because of his non-profit organization and work.

How MrBeast became successful on YouTube

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Donaldson explained all his warehouses and studios he has to create his videos, especially because he is creating multiple videos at once. He’s now calling his ginormous warehouse his “campus.” In this part, he explains how he’s invested in the infrastructure.

He says for the future of his career, his first question is “can we keep this going?” When Rogan asked if he had a grand idea for his future, he said he sees it as “Elon’s PayPal.” If he’s 30 and not doing YouTube anymore, he plans on investing in Tesla, SpaceX or things like that.

But up until now, all he’s thought about is YouTube, social media, how to go viral and new ideas. He ends the question by saying “I just want to do this as long as I can.”

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MrBeast goes into a lot of different subjects such as:

  • How he comes up with his videos
  • Why he chose YouTube
  • The issue with increasing danger in stunts
  • Advice to other YouTubers
  • The importance of quality feedback
  • The struggle with creating different productions for all the videos
  • Why he chose the name “MrBeast”

You can listen to the rest of the podcast on Spotify under “The Joe Rogan Experience.”


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