WILSON, NC (WNCT) — Some elements of Southern living are slowly fading away.

Many of the traditions that people in the South once took part in are but memories now. That is what Michael K. Brantley highlights in his new book “A Southern Season: Rural Stories.”

As a creative non-fiction author, Brantley crafted “A Southern Season” with the intent of preserving some of his own memories and sharing them with others.

“I call it the disappearing South, which is how much things have changed just in the course of my generation,” said Brantley. “Things that were farmland are now housing developments.”

“A Southern Season” also touches on topics like farming and how preparing food has changed.

“We call it farm to table now. We used to just call it eating,” said Brantley. “Now it’s a stylish thing that you pay a premium for, and it’s the way everybody used to live.”

Brantley graduated from East Carolina University in 2012 with a Master’s degree in English. He then received a Master of Fine Arts at Queens University in 2014 and is now a professor at Barton College.

“A Southern Season: Rural Stories” can be purchased online at michaelkbrantley.com and most book websites.