GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Who’s ready for the new season of “Survivor?” Corey Tugwell sure is.

Jacksonville woman competing in newest ‘Survivor’

Being a superfan of “Survivor” since he was a teen, Corey Tugwell was always fascinated with the reality TV show. He has even attempted to get on the show numerous times.

You can tell he’s a super fan when you walk into his room. It’s dedicated to the show with numerous photos of previous seasons and even a cardboard cutout of the host, Jeff Probst.

With the start of the new season Wednesday night, Tugwell is amped about the show and wanted to express how endearing it is for the numerous viewers as well.

In the interview, Tugwell talks about his history with the show, how it brought him and his family together and his special online group that’s dedicated to the show that has brought many people together.