GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — Her name is Jenni K Kolczynski, but everyone knows her as Jenni K.

Jeweler Jenni K. started making jewelry in Pennsylvania as an art student. The cold weather there drove her to the south where she enrolled in the metals program at East Carolina University.

She created jewelry at school and then sold the pieces she wore while working as a waitress at Darryl’s in the evenings. When she finally opened her first store, it was next to a hair salon. She started building relationships with the women that stopped in at the hair salon next door and entertained them with her skills while they waited for their hair to process.

“They’d come over in the shop and I’d make jewelry for them while they sat there and watched me,” she said. “I really have to thank that salon that they were supportive of me. We kind of worked together but, people loved watching it getting made.”

View the video for more information about handmade jewelry at Jenni K. Jewelry.