WINTERVILLE, NC (WNCT) — You likely got some new flowers for Valentine’s Day or maybe you just want to know how to make them last longer without having to throw them away so quickly.

There are a few simple ways to prolong the counter-life of cut flowers like roses. Monica Harrison, the owner of Winterville Flower Shop, says that the easiest way to keep most flowers looking fresh is to trim the ends and add fresh water every few days.

“The best thing to do is maybe after two or three days, take the whole vase out … give them a snip with a pair of pruners … then put them back in some clean water,” said Harrison. “If you happen to have some flower preservative, put some of that in there. If you do not, people use Clorox, a little sugar, anything like that.

“If you do that every two or three days, that’ll extend the life of them.”

View the video to see what Harrison does in her shop to make flowers last longer.