WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) – From tragedy comes triumph.


In 2017, a car accident took the life of Hannah Cuthrell on her way to school. In 2019, the family and friends of Hannah created Hannah’s Heroes of NC, a non-profit foundation in her memory. Hannah’s Heroes of NC’s mission is to empower children to explore their interests and spread kindness through scholarships, projects, and grants for the community.

The non-profit gives back to others in the community with numerous activities. Every year on Hannah’s birthday, they honor her life by baking over 1,500 cupcakes and delivering them to everyday heroes, like first responders, law enforcement, and healthcare workers. This event is called “Be A Hannah Day.”

They also have Hannah Boxes, where every December they give out Hannah Boxes to grieving families who have lost either a daughter or sister.

On September 16-23, the 4th Annual Hannah’s Heroes of NC Glow Run will take place. The Glow Run is a way to keep her memory alive, celebrate her life and raise money to support community mini-grants, scholarships and service projects. The event takes place on the Washington waterfront.

In the interview, President and Vice President Kristen and Paul Cuthrell talk about the mission of the nonprofit, Hannah’s free spirit and how they give back to the community. View the video to find out more.