NEW BERN, NC (WNCT) — Liz Hartman is a former Arabic linguist for the Marine Corps and currently serves as commander of the American Legion Post 539.

She joined the Marine Corps when she was 20 years old because she felt she needed to make a drastic change to reach her desired accomplishments.

“I joined at the perfect moment,” she said. “I realized I’ve gone to college for three years before I joined the Marine Corps. At about that junior year of college, I had the realization that I wasn’t going to achieve what I wanted to achieve in life unless I did something drastic and really changed my path in life.

“The Marine Corps was that path. That’s why I’ll forever love the Marine Corps, for what it provided me.”

Hartman is now 32 years old. She works as a financial advisor for Edward Jones Investments and is also the youngest commander to ever serve an American Legion post.

View the video for more on Hartman and her extensive work with the American Legion.