GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Join 9OYS for Now in ENC. It’s a time for our digital reporters to dive into local topics in Eastern North Carolina and host guests to further the conversation.

In this edition, 9OYS digital reporter Emily Cervarich speaks with Dr. Graham Byrum, the medical director for Vidant Medical Center’s Dialysis Unit. He tells 9OYS the unit’s new location is a larger, private area that will create a better overall patient experience.

The upgraded unit also includes additional beds and isolation rooms, new dialysis machines and other equipment, a central reverse osmosis room and upgraded amenities like TVs for patients. Byrum said additions like these will give patients a more peaceful and comfortable treatment experience.

Dialysis is the process of filtering blood when the kidneys cannot. Our kidneys filter toxins and excess fluid from the blood, and when they are not functioning properly, the toxins and excess fluid can build up in the body, resulting in dangerous and even deadly conditions.

Dialysis treatment pulls blood out a little at a time, putting it through the dialyzer machine to remove toxins and then returning it to the patient. Click here to learn more from Vidant Health.