Online Original: Consumer experts warn of “Shipageddon” this holiday season

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(WNCT) Retailers are calling it “shipageddon”.  It could mean the end of the world for online shoppers…sort of.  Holiday shipments will be delayed due to COVID-19. One industry has felt the effects of their own “shippageddon”. 

Britt Laughinghouse from Bostic Sugg Furniture warns customers to be patient this holiday season during “shipageddon”.

In buying almost anything these days, we basically tell them that if you remember going to the grocery store or going to the drug store to try to get toilet paper or paper towels a while back. That’s the situation we’re in now. 

Britt Laughinghouse, President, Bostic Sugg Furniture

He says that industries are rebounding from when they had to close. 

It’s a number of factors, first of all, the plants were shut down for a couple of months, orders kept coming in, then retailers were closed, then retailers opened back up, and now they’re getting a tremendous amount of orders, sometimes two or three times their normal input is for a week. So they’re really backed up and they’re having issues getting their labor to come back up in parts of the U.S.

Britt Laughinghouse, President, Bostic Sugg Furniture

Besides delays and increased fees, another drawback could be the lack of Black Friday deals. The unknown time when shipments come in has retailers uneasy about selling off what they have. Laughinghouse says retailers understand the customer’s annoyance. 

The information we get changes day by day, it’s frustrating for us, it’s frustrating for the customers, most of them understand because it is not just a furniture issue. 

Britt Laughinghouse, President, Bostic Sugg Furniture

Consumer experts are warning people that rely on shipping for everyday essential items like diapers and food, might want to start stocking up now. Many stores are also pushing people to order online and choose in-store pick up. Another idea is to look at local businesses for holiday shopping.  

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