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GREENE CO. (WNCT) State inspectors are investigating the Greene County Animal Shelter after receiving several complaints about possible animal cruelty. 

Now, a former employee with concerns about what’s going on at the shelter is speaking to 9 On Your Side about what she says she saw.    

Jamie Godwin is a former attendant at the Greene County Animal Shelter.  

She says she was fired for alleged misconduct at the shelter. Godwin says she saw things there she cannot forgive or forget. 

Like an instance where a dog was shot by an animal control officer.    

Whenever a firearm is discharged, officers have to fill out paperwork explaining why they pulled the trigger. 

According to documents, the animal did not show signs of aggression and had no history of biting anyone.    

The animal shelter also euthanized another dog for being aggressive towards “some” people — even though the same document indicates the dog had no documented history of biting anyone.    

Godwin also shares a story about a dog with parvo, a highly contagious virus. 

She says it was left in a cage in the back of the shelter. 

She told the animal control officer overseeing the shelter that dog needed to be euthanized. He said it was almost closing time and didn’t plan on taking her in. 

The dog died in the back of the shelter.

9OYS obtained photos of the dog, but they had to be blurred out because they are too graphic to show.

Godwin is not the only person concerned. 

WNCT spoke with representatives from two animal rescue groups. 

They’ve posted experiences on social media about animals they’ve rescued or tried to from Greene County’s shelter.

Godwin says there have been times animal rescue workers or potential adopters tried to put an animal on hold, only to find out the animal they wanted had been euthanized.    

9OYS found out that the state is found out that the state is looking into the shelter’s practices. 

Animal welfare inspectors from North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture are investigating the shelter after receiving complaints. 

State officials say they cannot comment while there’s an investigation. 

9OYS also learned Greene County Officials — including County Manager Kyle DeHaven — were unaware of the state’s investigation into the shelter.  

After a phone interview with 9OYS Digital Reporter Victoria Holmes, Dehaven sent a follow-up email confirming the investigation.

He says the county is fully cooperating with the department involved in the investigation. 

We also reached out to Shane Philips, the County Animal Control officer in charge of the shelter.  

Philips says all questions about the shelter must go to County Manager Dehaven.  

Godwin says she’s saddened over her experiences there and what it’s taken to get the state to investigate.   

The shelter is still under investigation, but a report shows it did pass an annual inspection. 

That inspection and the current investigation are independent of one another. 

Violations found through the investigation could lead to the shut-down of the shelter.   

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