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WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) – Beavers are dam creatures, meaning the dams they build cause flooding issues. A few counties in the east have a program to help prevent these problems. 

That program is a beaver bounty. Counties offer cash to people who bring in a beavertail. The amount of the bounty varies. It’s aimed at stopping the damage caused by beavers on both private and public land.

Reporter’s Notebook: More from Victoria Holmes on the beaver problems in Beaufort County

Philip Nichols is a retired wildlife employee and life-long trapper. He says beavers are costly. The structures they build magnify flooding issues. 

Beavers like to dam things, that’s what they do in nature. And when they dam a culvert, the water backs up and floods the road.

Philip Nichols

The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission stated efforts to curb the beaver issue can prevent millions of dollars of property damage a year. Nichols also said trappers are a key asset to getting rid of rabid animals. 

The beaver bounty is officially called the North Carolina Beaver Management Assistance Program and is funded by multiple government agencies. For more information on the program visit the NC Wildlife page.

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